Friday, August 27, 2010

RV History

We are settled in at the Elkhart Camping Grounds site #505. Once we got set up the AM we met several others that were heading to the RV Museum so we decided to go too.

The museum is a self guided tour of some really neat older RV's, in the first part of the tour we caught Donna playing "Lets go Camping" in one of the displays.

They do have real older RV's there, not just the replicas Donna was playing with. I'll just show the pictures, if you want more detailed information about them come to Elkhart and see them for yourself.
Here is a neat old RV

This one the name says it all

Then I happened to come across three creatures in the woods

They just kept posing for the camera

Now this beauty was made by Paul Jones in 1988, and since Paul Jones is my dad's name I had some of them believing that my dad built it.

The built looking thing was one of my favorites.

The museum is well worth the $6-$8 bucks you pay to enter, so if your like RV's and Old things, the museum is a must do.

 I also have some GREAT NEWS to report, Jay Carter went through the surgery with flying colors today. The doctor said they got all the tumor and that he should make a full recovery, and if it comes back in the future they can always do the surgery again. That is the same thing they told me when they cut the cancerous junk out of me. So I guess Jay and I both will be getting regular C T Scans.

 Fay ask us to thank everyone for their prayers, and asks that they continue praying for them. I really think everyone knows there is a God and that he does answer prayers, even if they don't want to admit it........

We will miss the Carters here at the Gypsy Journal Rally, but we know they won't be forgotten.......

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