Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hoof and Mouth

 The guys took advantage of the gals again tonight in Hoof and Mouth, (hand and foot the Pinner way). The girls did show some potential and made the last game close, they acutally went out, but we had more points than they did. So it is guys +4 and gals -4.

 We spent most of the day riding around seeing the sights. We stopped at a yard sale and I thought I had found myself a scooter. It was a 1980 Honda, but it needed too much work for the price they were asking. For me to buy anyway.

 We also stopped at a cheese store, and would you beleive they make and sell chocolate cheese? Yes they do, it tastes a lot like fudge, but is made out of the stuff they make cheese out of. We picked up some and some of a couple other kinds of cheeses.

 Jay has a tumor on his brain that is 5X5X5 cm, they will do surgery in a day or two. They have started him on several meds. They are in the VA hospital in Durham NC for now and that is where they will do the surgery, they are not sure where they will do the radiation if needed after the surgery. They may go back to TX, or OK for that, I'm sure it will depend on where he will get the best treatment.

 Tomorrow we decide if we will be hanging around longer, or if we will start our journey towads Elkhart for the Gypsy Journal Rally. We have reservations for the 26th so we do have plenty of time to make the trip....

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