Sunday, August 29, 2010

The RALLY starts tomorrow

Yes the Gypsy Journal rally starts tomorrow, but the fun started when we arrived here at Elkhart CG. It has been exciting seeing other class mates roll in, and to see the ones that watched us roll in. Today I watched the vendors setting up in the indoor area for vendors.

 Tonight we had a good old class of 2007 happy hour.I can't even begin to name the names of all the ones meeting tonight at Mac and Netters rig, but we had to expand the circle (oval really) several times as more and more showed up for the 4 o'clock happy hour. The food kept coming until 6 PM so if anyone left hungry it was their fault.

 After spending several hours eating, drinking, and telling stories we were ask for some help by "the Nick Russell.  The other half of we in Nicks last few blogs picked his wife up today. They had been apart for 10 days, so Nick led several of us "class of 2007" troopers to their rig where we all attempted to "rock" the rig. Then we all started yelling "we know what you are doing". It was fun when Greg came out to see what was happening.

 Then we all had to see the EXTRA LARGE PANTIES draped across the front of someones RV. We all had to go knock on the door to ask the owner about the panties. We knew there was a story behind someone having a pair of panties draped across the front of their rig. (they had to be 6 feel wide). And the next time you see me you can ask me and I will tell you the story............

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