Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Etch-A-Sketch

 Today we got the etch-a-sketch out to see where we would be heading, after all we have been here in Saulte St Marie long enough. We knew the etch-a-sketch had the Lima OH area on it when we parked here Sunday evening, but today it had something different on it.

 Another night here just to relax and unwind, and then west bound was what the etch-a-sketch was showing today. I wouldn't mind if the west bound didn't stop until we hit Yuma AZ, but I also know that isn't happening this year. It is more like west to the center of the U.P. a small town called Marquette. From Marquette we can take the jeep in three directions to explore the U.P. while the weather is perfect. I know the locals are saying it is hot, but then they don't think 40 degrees is cold and the low 80's is perfect for me.

 Today we have done almost nothing but relax. A couple trips to the hot tub, and I sat in the steam room for a few minuets. We also spent our comp points in the gift shop, and that wasn't fun at all. Going into a shop and have to spend a certin amount of money, when their prices are already too high, and there is NOTHING there that we really need, or even want, but we did it.

 Tonight we will watch the new episode of "Burn Notice" on TNT (I think). I'm sure we will socialize with some of the other campers that are here, it is interesting to hear their way to beat the casino and win big bucks. I'm sure they don't out right lie to us when they tell about winning the hunderds and thousands, but I'm also sure they don't tell us about the hundreds or thousands they donate to the casinos to win the $$ they tell us about.

 We did watch a man sit down at one of the slot machines, he put in his money, played two credits on the first pull and hit $1000.00. The kicker is a couple camping here had showed us these machines earlier today, and we watched their grand son put in $5 and 5 minuets later he cashed in $60. Now the big kicker is I was walking up to that maching to put my $5 in when the man sat down and hit the $1000. So I guess I'll just wait until the next time we are here to try my luck in it.

 If there isn't any big winds or storms to mess up the etch-a-sketch tonight we willl meander west tomorrow, and I may find time and desire to post up some pictures we have taken while here in Saulte St Marie.......

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