Friday, August 27, 2010

Elkhart Camping grounds

We are here waiting on the Gypsy Journal Rally to start on Monday, and we are not the only ones waiting. Several couples of the Class of 07 are here, along with many "adopted" class of 2007 members, and many more Escapees. Nick and Terry Russell have been having the GJR for several years now, they have one in the spring in AZ, and in the fall here or in Celina OH.

 I think there has been a lot of confusion about who gets what with the camping fees, we paid for a week and a day through the CG which saved us a few dollars over paying Nick for the four days of the rally and the CG the other four days we will be here.  I know some paid Nick and then decided to pay the CG for a month, which means they really paid for the same 4 nights of the rally twice. With this confusion I don't see things working out for another rally here, but then what do I know about it.

 Today was a laid back rest up day. We made a trip to the store to get some garbage bags for our big yellow, collapsible trash can we use outside, and to fill the jeep up with gas. Later we met 20-30 others under the big tent for 4 o'clock happy hour. It was really good seeing so many of the people we have met all across the country gathered under one big tent.

 After the "social hour" or happy hour Bob and Molly, Paul and Connie, Rich and Mary, and Marcia and I went to Hacienda for a Mexican dinner. We were all celebrating Connie's Birthday. It was good to spend her special day with the 8 of us that had spent so much time together in FL the past couple years. We had a lot of catching up to do.

 Later there were 8 couples that gathered in one of the rooms the CG has to play Hand and Foot. I am very sad to say it was the girls who took the guys to school. 3 tables of the girls won, and the 4th table had not finished when we left. I sure hope the guys of table 4 kept the girls from a clean sweep.

 Tomorrow will be filled with more people arriving, and more reunions of friends we have met in the three years that we have been traveling around in our house on wheels......

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