Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We arrived at Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen IN today and was greeted by Bob and Molly. It sure was good to see them again, it has been way too long since we saw them in Fl. They told us about the gang having a potato bake at Elkhart CG in Elkhart IN so Marcia and I had to invite ourselves.

It was great seeing so many friends that we have met since we sold the house and moved into the MH. The potatoes were good too, and someone (Ann I think) made a cake in a crock pot and it was sooooo good. I told Marcia she had to get that recipe!

Corey was able to get dad to Andrea's in spite of all the delays caused by Miss Jaelynn and her potty breaks. They said she had to go potty about every other exit, and that makes me so glad my kids are all grown up, and we can give the grand babies back for mom and dad to deal with. Maybe Corey will need to get a MH to haul her around in so he won't have to stop so often.

 Dad will be in good hands with Andrea until we pick him up next week, and we will join our friends at Elkhart CG on Thursday....................

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