Friday, August 13, 2010

Map added to Blog

  After seeing several blogs with maps showing the states the bloggers have visited I thought it would be nice if I added a map showing the states we have visited. I went to and made a map, but after making the map of where we have been since we started living full time traveling the USA in our RV I thought why not add another showing where we have been since we bought the new to us Kountry Star Motor home. So now you can look to the right and see the maps showing where we have been.

   The top map shows where we have been since we bought the Newmar Kountry Star back in Feb of 2010, and the second map shows where we visited the first 32 months of our journey as full timing RVers. Some RVers are really hung up on these maps, especially the sticker maps you buy to put on the RV. Some say you can't add the state unless you have been to that state, others insist you can't add the state unless you have been there in the RV. Then there are those that say you have to have slept in the RV in that state before you add it, and some insist you have to have had the RV in the state, slept in the RV, and had sex in the RV in the state. I figure you bought the map or made it so you can decide when to add the states.

  In a few hours we will be pulling up the jacks, rolling in the slideouts, and unplugging the electric cord so we can venture west in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to see sights we have only read or heard about thus far. Having a house on wheels allows us to see so many places. We see and visit places that most people will never see.

  Every where we go people ask us where is the best place, or where is the most special place to visit. All I can say is every place we have been has it's own unique beauty. The UP is a beautiful place but you couldn't pay me to be here in December or January, and I also wouldn't want to be in FL in July or August. I wind up explaining that living in an RV gives us the option to be where we want to be, when we want to be there, and that is one of the many things that makes living full time in an RV so perfect for us.....

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