Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How does 1561 equal 46?

 A very good question, but I have the answer and I will share it with all who read this.

  Today marks a mile stone in our lives, we have entered the 46th state! Wisconsin is the 46th state we have been in as full time RV'ers. We left Baraga MI this morning and drove south, we entered WI around 1 PM. Tonight we will spend the first night in WI, even though we are not in the Santara any more our quest to sleep in all 48 of the lower 48 continues.

 Now to answer the question, how does 1561 equal 46? It was 1561 days ago that we moved the mattress out of the house into the Santara, thus becoming full time RV'ers. It took us 1561 days to get to 46 of the 48 states. I am not counting Alaska or Hawaii because we have not intention or desire to go to these two states.

 We have heard so many stories about how we would love Alaska it is almost tempting to go, but the fact is, Alaska is C O L D and we try our best to avoid C O L D!!!! Now my definition of cold may differ from yours, but my definition is what I go by, and if it gets below 60 degrees it is  C O L D. If you agree or disagree makes no difference to me, I still think and say it is cold, and you can't get to Hawaii driving an RV so we don't care to go there either.

 That leaves two states for us, Minnesota and North Dakota. I know it will have to be summer time when we visit these states because they tend to be C O L D any other time. Maybe next summer we will get them!

 We had a short visit with Fran and Sharon today, they live (during the summer) in Appleton WI and we were passing right through there so Marcia gave them a call and we met at Wal-Mart for a visit. We had not thought about the time difference so the timing of things just didn't click for a longer visit. (I re-set my watch)

 We rolled on after our visit and stopped in Oshkosh with the intention of spending the night at Wal-Mart and enjoying a steak dinner at the steak house next to Wal-Mart. Those plans were quickly changed when we ask the manager of Wal-Mart about parking the rig in their parking lot, only to be told they had no problem with it, but the city had an ordinance against RV'ers staying in parking lots.

 Rather than causing any trouble, we chose to roll on,Without spending any $$ in the town. I am also thinking about sending the steakhouse and the city council an e-mail telling them they lost my business and prevented me from spending any $$ there because they don't want me to park the rig in a parking lot.

 Tomorrow we will get to see our friends Greg and Jean, and we are looking forward to that so much..........

 So 1561 is how many days it took us to enter 46 states.


  1. The mosquitoes are anxiously awaiting your arrival !!!!

  2. Definitely send that email. Give Greg and Jean a hug from us
    Tom & Paula


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