Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Why do so many of us write a daily, or weekly blog?

I started doing a blog so our friends and family could keep up with our daily travels. That said you and I both wander why I don't keep up with my blog like I did when I first started it. My reason is lack of interest! When I started I felt good telling everyone about our adventure, but then as time went on I felt like it was just taking up time.

 When I stopped doing the blog daily I had a few tell me they would miss reading about us. I had no idea there was a few that read it daily, and to those I am very sorry. The few that would read it every now and then I felt like writing it every now and then would make it easier for both of us.

 Well trying to do it every week didn't work out for several reasons, lack of interest being the main one. So I think I need to commit to doing it on a daily basis again. Please remember when we don't have good Internet service there may not be a blog that day, and when we sit for several days the blog will not be as informative as when we are seeing new things everyday.

 OK enough about blogging being boring...

 We are in Salute Ste Marie MI in the Upper Peninsula of MI. We are staying at an Indian Casino Campground. $10 a night for 30 amp electric. Most casinos allow RVer's to stay free on their property, but then most of them don't have 30 amp electric. Paying to stay at a casino doesn't really set well with me, but then it is the cheapest place around.

 The CG sits on a hill above the casino, it has about 45 sites, and a restroom with showers and a washed and dryer in the ladies room. I guess single men have to go elsewhere to do their laundry. Staying at the casino CG also gets you all the amenities of the casino. The swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, weight room, and steam room, so the $10 a day isn't bad.

 Yesterday Marcia and I went to use the hot tub but found it looking a little green, and the smell of chemicals was terrible. We skipped the water and went into the sauna where we sweat out a few gallons of liquids, (maybe not gallons), before utilizing their showers in the pool area.

 We also took a side trip to Canada yesterday. Crossing into Canada was a lot more involved than our quick and easy trips into Mexico. We were drilled with questions as we entered, the guy even went as far as asking me if I owned a gun. I really thought about telling him it was none of his business if I owned a guy, but I wasn't wanting to cause any trouble, and I wanted to be complaint.

 He didn't like the answers I gave so we had to park the jeep and go inside to be checked out. I'm sure they ran our names for warrants, but after their checks we were told we could go. As we walked out to the jeep we were met be two more "inspectors" telling us they wanted to search our jeep.

 We said no problem and they ask us to stand in front of the jeep after unlocking all the doors. They quickly searched the jeep and told us we could go. I ask if the reason for the search was because I confessed to owning guns? I knew he couldn't/wouldn't answer, but I also knew I could get the answer from his expressions. Yep it was because I answered truthfully. After standing in front of the jeep being watched by everyone that passed by we were able to continue our trip into Canada.

 Canada is a place we more than likely will not be returning to. The prices of almost everything is higher than the states, and frankly I didn't like being treated like a criminal and being embarrassed by standing in front of the jeep while everyone watched as they drove by.

 I know they we only doing their job, and I am happy that they do check people coming and going, but there is really no reason for me to be going into Canada..................


  1. Joe I love reading your blog, but I know what you mean also....I rarely feel that anything I have to say is of interest to anyone unless of course we are doing 'fun' I don't post very often. I think the other factor is - if no one is reading it what's the point !!! So just so you know I for one read your blog each and every time I see an update....I read everyone elses when they update as well. So if you post every day or every week or ??? I will read it when I see it

  2. I read every post also, Joe, so keep it up!

  3. I have always read your blogs,. If it's daily,weekly or monthly I always check to catch up. Kind of make's me feel like we have had a short visit or something. So anyway I'll take what ever post you make. Don't tell Marsha but I like your post better than her's. It's ok to tell her because I believe I have told her the same thing. Have a good one talk later.


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