Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camp Newmar

Today we arrived at Camp Newmar, or the factory where our Kountry Star Motor Home was built 5 years ago. It is a large place as you would expect an RV factory to be. They have 40 + rv sites with full hookups for Newmar Owners to use while at the factory getting things done, and we happen to be in one of them.

We have added a couple more states to the map, but I'm sure this map won't get colored in quite as fast as the first one did even though the newer map has one state colored in that the first one doesn't. ( WI ) We will have fun filling it in though.

We are looking forward to seeing some friends in the up coming week, many will be in Elkhart for the Gypsy Journal Rally (aug 30 - sept 1) Depending on how things go at Camp Newmar we will move to Goshen or Elkhart when we leave here.

We hope to do the factory tour tomorrow, and check on getting a couple parts, and maybe even get a few questions answered. I need to charge up some batteries tonight......

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