Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Day at The LAKE

Today Marcia and I spent the day wheeling around the lake. Ray and Elen had prior commitments so we took off in the tracker looking to find a secluded spot on the lake. Well that isn't going to happen on a Sunday on this lake. There were more boats here, and jet skis than you can shake a stick at.

We drove way back into the desert looking for a place to get to the lake on the back side where most people wouldn't go. I knew boats would be looking for the secluded spots too, so I wasn't surprised when we didn't find the spot, but we did wind up on one of the bluffs over looking the lake and it was beautiful.

A perfect Saguaro Cactus is hard to find except in the movies or in books, but we did spot this one down near the lake from our advantage point on the cliffs.

This is a shot using my 10X zoom from where we had to park the tracker. We ran out of road, or path, as it was, and wound up right at the edge of the cliffs overlooking the lake.

It was an awesome day to say the least....

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