Friday, September 4, 2009

Lets Make some Lemonade

If someone can supply the sugar, I'm sure we can find some water here in KC, and the RV Shop gave us plenty of lemons today. Around 9 AM we were getting ready to check out of the motel figuring on picking our rig up this afternoon, when the phone rag. It was Greg at Shoreline, telling us the rig wouldn't be ready until Tuesday, or maybe even Wednesday.

I guess I would rather hang around here a few more days and know the job was done right. We had to check out of the motel anyway because they had already rented the room. We got on the internet and started searching for a motel that 1) allowed smoking, (I was shocked to see so many motels that are smoke free), 2) allowed pets, a bird specifically, and 3) had a hot tub.

We found one in Kearney Mo, which is a lot closer to the rig than we have been all week. We gathered all our stuff and checked out. Leo was real happy because we don't have to hide him anymore. When Marcia checked in she was told to use the rear stairs because they didn't allow pets there, and we did without room service all week. Marcia was elected to exchange towels and carry out the trash because I have been trying to nurse my back.

We got checked out and drove to Smithville to check on the rig and get a few more things. Marcia was climbing the walls when she walked in and everything was wet, she went straight to the owner complaining. Apparently they pulled the rig out to move a boat out and as the guy was sitting in the rig waiting for them to roll the boat out a big rain storm came.

Todd the owner promised to take care of all the wet stuff, he was even going to send the stuff he could to the cleaners to have it cleaned. Greg said the same thing when we saw him, and he explained he had just backed it out of the garage to let them move a boat out when the rain came. We will be checking everything really well when we do pick up the rig.

The soft area in the roof was caused by South Texas RV installing the wrong thickness of plywood when they repaired the roof last year. Shoreline will be installing one layer of 1/4 in plywood with an 1/8 in piece glued to it like the rest of the roof has except the area they are changing that has 2 sheets of 1/8 glued together.

Once we got settled into the new motel in Kearney I got a call from Josh, the original adjuster with Foremost, when I ask who he was the second time he informed me that Joey was tied up in meetings all day, and that Joey ask him to call me and confirm that everyone was on the same page about us not getting the rig until next week. He also wanted us to know that everything was set up for Foremost to send the check directly to Shoreline for the repairs, and I need to fax them our motel receipts so they can issue us a check. I'm still working on the meals deal, but I'm sure they will reimburse us for a percentage of our expenses.

I would like to ask all of you to say a special prayer for my brother, he is really messed up with the pain pills he has to take for his back and leg, and he is really causing a lot of stress on dad that dad don't need, or deserve.

We will be here in Kearney for the next few days, tomorrow we plan on going to Independence MO for a celebration they are having this weekend....

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  1. Ah, Joe, so sorry to hear about the delay in repairing your roof....and the rain damage. Keep your head up and a smile on your's all about the attitude to life's troubles...keep a happy attitude! Prayers on the way up for your brother, also. Bobbie


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