Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still Hanging around in KC

We are not exactly in KC, we are about 15 miles north in the small town of Kearney. Kearney is close to where Jesse and Frank James grew up, the farm they grew up on is about 4 miles from where we are staying. One of the banks they robbed, is about 10 miles south of here where we ate Monday in Liberty, and Jesse killed a college student close to where we ate.

But we have had enough of the KC area, maybe the motel, or maybe just having to be here is causing a sour taste for the KC area. Very much like the taste we got when we were stuck in San Antonio, except the weather here has been nice and the cost here is about 40% cheaper than it was in TX.

I went to check on the rig early this morning, I really wanted to see how much was accomplished yesterday. My fears were confirmed when I looked on the roof and it looked exactly like it did yesterday, which looked like it did on Friday. Todd the owner assured me that they would have it ready tomorrow, and that they would try to have it ready for us to pick up by noon.

Joey, the claims supervisor called today to express his sympathy for us having to wait so long, and when I gave him my report as to the progress he was very disappointed, and said if it wasn't ready tomorrow he would be complaining enough for me and himself.

The bottom line is we are leaving MO tomorrow, even if we just drive into KS to spend the night.......

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