Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lake Pleasant AZ

We are spending time with Ray and Elen here at Lake Pleasant near Phoenix AZ. It is a beautiful lake that you wouldn't expect to see in the middle of the desert, but it is here and there are plenty users and uses of the lake. It provides water for the farmers in the area, and it provides an abundant area for recreation.

This week the temperatures are well above the 100 degree mark and we see so many boats on this lake. Some of the boat I might expect to see in Lake Erie or maybe the ocean, but not on a small lake like Lake Pleasant, but people take advantage of whatever they can.

Here is a picture of our site next to Ray and Elen.

The Lake

Here is a picture of our SPECIAL FRIENDS.

Last night another camp host couple (Dave and Pat) came and joined us at Ray and Elan's for awhile. Pat was telling us about a tag a long trailer that had pontoons built on it so it would float like a houseboat. After hearing about this unique camper we had to go see it since it was hear on Lake Pleasant.

Look close at the wheel in the water under the trailer.

In this shot you can see the tounge that is used to pull the camper.

In this picture you will see it is registered as a trailer (tags) and it has two out board motors on it to push it across the lakes.

I think it is a very unique rig and plenty worthy of being posted on my blog. I just hope my readers enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed seeing it.

We will be spending a few more days with Ray and Elen before heading to Tucson for a few days....


  1. That was sure an interesting camper boat you showed.Please tell Ray and Elen how much they are thought of and missed. Bobbie

  2. That camper/boat was way cool!! That really took some thinking all the way through! Please pass along our hellos and all of our best thoughts and wishes to Ray & Elan! They look great in the picture you posted!! Just an FYI from us too; we're back in the lower 48 and enjoying mid-70's and sunny weather!
    Bobbie & Sal


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