Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catching up

Last week we pulled into Laughlin NV, at the AVI casino and resort. It was a nice place except our internet was really S L O W . Marcia played bingo Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening, and then Sunday (her birthday) she started playing at 8 AM and again at 11AM, 1PM, 4PM, and 7PM. She won about $50, and it cost her about $75 to play that many games so all in all it wasn't too bad.

Monday we did the mall and road around the area sightseeing. Not a whole lot going on there, and it was over 100 degrees so everyone was looking for the AC. Marcia went back one more time last night to play bingo, (I really hope she has her bingo fix)

Today we drove the 57 miles to Lake Havasu AZ where we will spend the next couple days. After we got set up we went looking for the Lighthouses. They have a club here that has built and erected scale models of different lighthouses. I think there is about 15 or so on the lake. We found out today the only way to see them all is by boat, so we are thinking about renting a jet ski tomorrow.

I didn't take any pictures so you will have to look on Marcia's blog to see them when she posts them. Tonight we are trying on of the Mexican joints here, and "maybe" tomorrow we will rent a boat and see all the lighthouses....

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