Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sometime last month I had ask Marcia where she wanted to be on her birthday and she said Tucson AZ, well we made to Tucson but we are 9 days late for her birthday. Sorry Marcia!

Tuesday we got up early and left Lake Pleasant. We had a terrific time with Ray and Elen, and hope to see them on the road many more times in the near future. We drove the 150 miles to Tucson AZ where we checked into one of Nick Russell's landing spots where he and Terry are in Tucson.

This is a Pass Port America park and in the book it lists it as $11 for the first night and $15 for additional nights. The $11 turned out to be $12.50 and by the time you added in electric and taxes it turns out to be $18.75 a night, and they will honor the PA discount for as long as we want to stay. $18.75 isn't too bad, but when you expect $11 it makes it sound a lot worse than it is. WHY don't they advertise the price you will have to pay?

When we arrived I was telling the lady checking us in about our friend Nick telling us about the place. I was describing Nick as a little fat guy with a good looking wife that he really doesn't deserve. I really had them going in the office until they said they had never met him. Apparently they have new managers here and the new managers have never had the pleasure of meeting Nick or Terry.

We got the rig set up and then we went to see Pam, we caught her on her lunch break. She had a couple packages for us that we had ask to send our mail to her house, and had ask Corey to send my med to her house. We didn't stay long because we didn't want to distract her from her work, but we will be spending some time there this weekend for sure.

Cousin Bill was next to visit. He is looking good, and being retired is suiting him quite well. We spent a couple hours talking before we left to return to the rig. Tomorrow I will be doing the VA "STUFF" so my patience will be tried over and over I'm sure....

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