Friday, September 11, 2009


We are in Dodge City looking for Matt, Festas, Doc and Miss Kitty. We started to stop a few times along the way, but decided to just find a park in Dodge City. Tomorrow we will look around for the gang, before driving on up the road to a Pass Port America park where we will sit for a few days looking for Dorthy and TOTO.

I like the thinking here at this park, $22 a night with full hookups, but they drop the price if you don't want/need sewer, or water. Since we need to empty the fresh water tank we didn't hookup the water, and the holding tanks will be OK until we get to the next CG so we saved a few bucks.

We did make a stop at the "half way" point. That is half way between San Fransisco and New York city. 1561 miles to NY, or SF, they had a nice museum there with an original adobe house. There was a lot of old stuff in there, (I'm sure Marcia will be posting some pictures) the sad part was they had every piece labeled with who donated it. (I think that should be kept in a book and not displayed to everyone).

I'll try to get some pictures up within the next few days.....

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  1. Hey Joe,

    If you are looking for Dorothy and Toto I think you need to head south to Liberal (no you don't have to be one to go there) Kansas.

    I think they have the last reported 'spotting' of Toto in Kansas before they headed to Oz.


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