Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today Marcia and I drove the tracker up hwy 128, a scenic drive along the Colorado River, from Moab to I-70. Once we got on I-70 we headed west to Thompson Springs and then up into Sego Canyon. After we drove up the dirt road to the top of the mtn we turned back and headed back to the rig.

Hwy 128 was another awesome drive with scenery that just puts you in awe. Up the dirt road we saw several abandoned houses from way back when, and a few old mine shafts. We saw pictographs from way back when. It was so amazing to see the sights we saw and to think about all we have seen in the past week is just unbelievable.

I keep thinking about a time when we were in NYC and ask a lady for directions to the Statue of Liberty, and she explained that she had not been out of a 10 block area of NYC in her life, and she was a lot older than I was. We as full timers are really blessed with the opportunity to see so much. And I am thankful for the internet so I can share these sights with everyone that reads my blog.

Tonight Marcia was driving out of town to see the sunset. Here in Moab there is a mountain to the west so sunsets are obstructed. On the way I got a call from our son, he was reading a letter to me that I received from the VA. The letter said the VA granted my unemployable status, and I would be receiving back pay.

I really don't want to get too excited about it because letters from the VA need to be interpreted by a lawyer to understand them. So after we watched the sunset we drove back to the rig where I got online and checked my bank statement. The VA deposited a healthy check into our account yesterday, so I guess we were right in the way we read the letter.

Tomorrow I will have to call my VA rep back in Louisville to find out what the scoop really is, but as I always say, "a deal is not a deal until the Green hits the Mahogany", and it looks like the GREEN HAS HIT THE MAHOGANY.

I will post the pictures from today later, after the shock wears off......

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