Monday, September 14, 2009

Mesa Verde National Park

We left South Fork and our friends this AM, crossed over the mtns, the big V-10 was sucking some gas pulling us and the tracker up over that 10884 foot climb. we went really slow on the way down I didn't want the brakes to get hot.

We stopped in Durango and though about finding a place to call it a day, but decided to push on the other 30 miles to Mesa Verde National Park. I am sooo glad we did, seeing the awesome views was very relaxing after a long drive. (maybe 144 miles, hard miles)

Once we got set up in the CG we Marcia drove us through the park where we saw the cliff dwellings. It is amazing to see how people lived hundreds of years ago. I wander how they did the things they did, and how they lived in such a harsh area without AC, or a good furnace. I guess they were a lot tougher than I am.

Internet is too slow to upload the pics, but I did get some!

I'll get the pics up as soon as I find time and good internet service....

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