Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last Day @ Lake Havasu

Today was our last day here in Lake Havasu, we have enjoyed the weather even though it is a little warmer than we like it, it beats being cold.

My thoughts on Lake Havasu is that it is a weekend party town. A lot of wealthy people from CA spend a lot of weekends, and spring break here. With the influx of big money coming in on weekends cause the prices to rise.

Marcia called about renting a jet ski, or boat today, and $200 for 4 hours is a lot more than I am willing to pay to ride around in a boat. Boats don't have shocks and they are painful to my back anyway. The jet ski was $140 so we chose to look around town.

It was a good thing we didn't rent the boats because after lunch I started feeling bad so I took a good nap and Marcia played on the net. We have decided to start looking for a newer rig. We are just looking, but if the right deal came across we would buy one.

I did call a friend today to see when would be a good time to visit them. Ray and Elen is a couple we met in 2008 at Q, they are a part of the "Class of 2007". Ray had a very interesting story, and hopefully he will tell it to the world one day. Until he decides to tell it I will respect his desire to let a dead horse be, because I consider him and Elen to be very special friends.

This evening we enjoyed the hot tub here in the park. Tomorrow Am we will pull out of here to join up with Ray and Elen in Lake Pleasant AZ just outside of Phoenix....

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  1. Please tell Ray and Elen we said "hi" and think of them often. Ask if they will be around in January as we'd love to see them when we go to Q. Jim and Bobbie


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