Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Nelson - adkins Museum of art

Today we went to see an Art Museum in KC. I really enjoy looking at good art, but what they have in some museums I don't consider art, any child could spread paint on a canvas, or any one doing really good drugs could shape a piece of clay to look better than some of the so called art work.

The building was very impressive, and some of the displays were terrific, but some of the junk there wasn't worthy of the trash cans. I didn't take any pictures inside the museum because there was so many security guards there, and I didn't want to get thrown out of a place I think is a joke.

This is one of the questionable pieces on display.

Please don't get me wrong, I do like art, I think we should preserve as much as we can for future generations to enjoy. I enjoyed seeing some of the "old" art there even though some of it was broken, worn, and incomplete.

The museum claims that this is the worlds largest birdie, (they called it something else). Marcia would have a hard time serving this one.

we left the museum and headed back into Kansas where we found a super Wal-Mart and bought new shoes for the tracker. The tread was getting thin and they are calling for rain tomorrow, and we didn't have a lot to do today, so getting new shoes for the tracker is what we wound up doing.

On the way to a Wal-Mart we spotted this neat piece of ART work showing how some pioneers traveled west in their RV's.

Ever since Nick and Terry Russell bought their new to them rig we have been thinking about looking for a replacement for ours. I found one I might be willing to trade for, but Marcia says it would be a bit too small for us.

After the new shoes we drove over to the casino because Marcia had a buy one get one free coupon for the buffet. Naturally we had to kill a few minuets playing the slots before we went in to enjoy the ALL YOU CAN EAT CRAB LEGS. Now if any of you were with us in Celina last fall, and went to the Chinese buffet, you know I can really embarrass myself eating crab legs. Well tonight was no exception! Enough said about that except they were good, and that I did save room for a piece of chocolate pie, coconut pie, and pecan pie. I couldn't decide which one so I ate all three.

The couple driving this neat old chevy has been here all week and we have not had the chance to stop and talk to them. They are from Hawaii and the car is registered in Hawaii.

This is the hot tub and pool we have spent several hours in this week. It really has made being away from the rig tolerable. I will miss it after we leave, but I am ready to get back in the rig and see some more of the good ole USA.

Tonight will be our last night here, I hope the rig is ready because this hotel is already booked for the weekend, and finding a motel that accepts a bird as a pet is hard to find. In-fact I think we had to use the back stairs here to bring Leo in....

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