Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy couple of days

Wednesday night we spent the night in Atchison KS because I wanted to get out of MO even though we didn't get the rig until Thursday. Greg had just downloaded a song about the Atchison, Wichita, Santa Fe railway when we called him to let him know we weren't coming to NE, and that we would be staying in Atchison, now what are the chances of him downloading a song about the town we were staying in?

We did the museum Thursday morning before we drove back to Smithville to pick up the rig.

As soon as the rig was ready we left MO and headed west. We came upon a neat little museum with an adobe house in the middle of the USA. Half way between NY City and San Fransisco.

Then it was Dodge City KS. Looking for Matt and Miss Kitty. after we parked the rig and went out for a bit we returned to the CG to see this neat little Class A. It is a 1965 Ultra Van, it was made in Hutchinson KS, and the owners were headed to an Ultra Van Rally in Santa Fe NM.

Saturday morning we checked out of the CG and went to Dodge City Visitors Center. They normally aren't open on Saturday but the lady was in there for some awards thing they were having later. The temperature had dropped over night and wasn't rebounding, it was drizzling rain, so we decided to get the heck out of Dodge. After all we had already seen the tourist trap.

we did walk the streets and Marcia tried to pick up this fellow.

We spent the night at a Wal-Mart in some little town. We had called Roger and Brenda and they were planning on heading back to Ft Smith AR Monday so we decided to meet in Ft Garland for lunch so we could see each other one more time before we will hook up down in Southern Texas this winter.
We also called Jim and Bobbie and ask them to meet us too, since we hadn't seen them since the reunion back in Texas. We all met in Ft Garland and had breakfast at the Old West Cafe. The food was good, but the company was priceless. It is always great spending time with friends.
Since we were headed west Jim and Bobbie invited us to come and stay where they are staying, and since Jim was planning on doing a couple racks of ribs I couldn't pass up the invitation. Although they also invited us to stick around for the Chapter 2 Rally that starts Tuesday, we had to decline on that because the weather has already turned cold here in CO.

We arrived at South Fork RV Park and Jim and Bobbie introduced us to Rich and Terri the managers here. They were really nice, and Rich offered to help us get set up, and ask if there was anything he could help with. I politely told him the best help he could give was to just leave us alone while we did our thing. Some people might be offended by someone telling them they don't want or need their help, but almost any RVer will tell you let me get set up and then we will chat.

We got set up at South Fork RV Park in South Fork CO just before a thunder storm came rolling through. Remember I said it had already turned cold here? It wasn't raining rain, it was FROZEN rain, not the dirty four letter word that starts with S, it was Hail. The ground turned white, and then some rain came too and flooded all around our rig.
Here is the river that runs in the back of the CG, beautiful!!!

When I looked out and saw this I though about Tony at the GJR in Casa Grade back in Feb of 08.

All the rain and hail didn't stop Jim from doing up the ribs on the grill. Bobbie made some coleslaw, and corn on the cob. Marcia had baked a peanut butter passion pie while we drove from Alamosa (where we got gas and supplies from the grocery store)to South Fork.

Jim sliced up the ribs, and Rich and Terri opened up a room for us all to eat in and socialize for the evening.

It was a terrific evening, it was great to meet two more SKPs, and if it was 20 degrees warmer we would consider staying for the rally, but the cold and rain has already started working on my bones so tomorrow AM we will be heading for WARMER TEMPERATURES.......

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