Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On into Utah

With the temperature at 42 this morning we decided to head for a lower altitude. Moab UT was our destination. We stopped off in Cortez and filled the gas tanks, and I posted the pictures from yesterday. Then it was the 100+ miles to Ken's Lake which is a CG on BLM Land just south of Moab.

We saw some beautiful sights along the way, (you have to check out Marcia's blog for the pictures because I was driving)( ) I am amazed at how God could create so many beautiful places, and them be so rugged, but I guess that is why we call him God.

We arrived at Ken's Lake and Marty was there to greet us. It sure is good to see him again. We went for a ride in the tracker after we got set up, I just had to see what was on the other side of the mountain to our east. Well it was just more of what we see here except there was a creek running on that side.

It was just as beautiful as this side, and the heavy rains last night here had the creek running harder than normal, it had washed all kinds of sand into the roadway at the creek crossings. They had to get a front end loader to clear the washes in the CG, and the ones on the other side of the mtns hadn't been cleared and I was too chicken to take the tracker through them so we returned to the rig. Marcia and Marty was really glad I didn't attempt to cross the creek.

We grilled some steaks, baked some potatoes, roasted some corn, and chowed down on some kind of Mellon. With our bellies full and the sun setting we all decided to turn in for the night. Tomorrow will be another day..

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy....

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