Saturday, September 19, 2009

Laughlin Nevada

We made it to the AVI casino in Laughlin Nevada today. It was a short ride and we got an early start due to us being in the desert and it getting well above the seventies we are chasing.

We got checked into the KOA campground, (the first KOA we have ever stayed at) at the casino. When we plugged the rig into their electric and turned the AC's on the thermometer said it was 97 in the rig, so boondocking is out of the question.

We will be here for three days and the internet sux here so this will be my last post for the next few days unless Marcia hits the big jackpot. She will start practicing bingo tonight for her marathon tomorrow. Maybe they will be kind and let her win the big bucks on her birthday.

Even though it is a lot warmer here than we like it , it is still better than being cold.....

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