Tuesday, September 1, 2009

KC Tourists

I have to apologize first off for not having any pictures, but the card reader is in the rig along with the cable for the camera.

We started out this morning going to the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. What an interesting place. They have a coin collection on display that belongs to the Harry S Truman Museum, it show all the coins minted during each presidency. Who knew the penny was called the half cent for years, or there was once a half dime, two cent piece, and a three cent piece? We got to see them all.

They had interesting displays showing the cost of things in 1965, through 2008. (every fife years) There was a lot in there to see, we even got to watch "everyday business" through a glass wall. We saw how high a million dollars in $100 bills is. They even gave us some FREE money, about $130 worth. The only problem is it has been shredded.

We passed on the WWI memorial, and drove over to see the Hallmark Headquarters. Malls downtown are not my thing, so we didn't hang around long after we found out the Hallmark Visitors Center is closed for construction. We then went to Boulevard Brewing Company. we got there around noon and there was a sign saying the gift shop would re-open at 12:30 so we walked over to "Little Mexico".

Little Mexico is a strip of Mexican stores and restaurants close to the brewery. We saw one restaurant that seemed to be busier than the others so we went in to have lunch. I now know why it was busy, it was really good Mexican food. After we stuffed ourselves we walked back to the Brewery and looked around the gift shop. They give tours on Wednesdays, and Saturdays, so we missed out on the tour. No free samples either.

We left the Brewery to check out the City Market. They are open 7 days a week, but their busy days are Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We thought about doing the Steamboat tour, but it was starting as we were walking to it, and we were not going to hang around until the next one started. I really didn't want to pay $11 each to see it when there is so much to see that doesn't cost anything. My mind can only retain so much anyway.

Then is was back to the motel to enjoy the hot tub and take a nap before hitting biker night at one of the local steak houses....

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