Sunday, September 20, 2009

Get Free internet here

As I said yesterday our Verizon air card is almost worthless here, but we can pick up the parks wifi sometimes. Like now I can post this up using their wifi.

Today started out with me wishing Marcia a happy Birthday around 6 AM and then I went back to sleep until about 8. Marcia had already went to play bingo at the AVI casino. I walked to the casino to wait on her, I had $3 in my pocket.

I saw a $20 bill on the ground and a guy next to it. He walked away and I picked it up and followed him until he stopped. I ask him if he dropped something and he said no after searching his pockets, so I figured I would just donate it to the casino.

I put my 3 and the 20 into Super Jackpot Party, After about 30 minuets I cashed in for $70. I thought YEA this is going to be a good day. Tonight when I walked back to the rig I had $3 in my pocket. I gave Marcia a 20, and paid for our lunch, paid for me two rounds of bingo, and played the slots off and on all day.

So I guess it was a good day! Marcia is playing her last secession of bingo, and when she gets home we will go to the jacuzzi for awhile. I did get a nap in today too so all is good in Laughlin......

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