Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lazy day and Liberty MO

Today started out being a very lazy for me, I was up at 6:30 to eat the free breakfast here at the motel, but after breakfast it was back in the bed. We spent much of the day just lounging around the room, and I really was ready for a day like today. Besides Sundays in a small town where you know nobody, and being in a motel isn't my ideal of an ideal situation.

We managed to get out late in the afternoon, and a quick drive through Kearney reviled a town with the sidewalks rolled up. We hopped on I-35 and headed to Liberty which is about 10 miles away. We found it almost as rolled up as Kearney, but we did find a Mexican restaurant in the square that was open and there were a lot of cars and bikes parked there so we figured it had to be pretty good food.

We went in and ordered just before a party of 17 walked in. This place fed kids free with an adult order so the 17 was 9 adults and 8 little ones from about 10 years old down about 1 year old. Naturally the waiter spent most of his time tending to the party, but we didn't get neglected totally. The food was OK, and I guess for the area it was really pretty good.

After we ate we drove around enjoying all the really neat houses, and the new justice center. It looks like it has stained glass panels, but it is stone.

I guess Clay County spent all their money on the justice center, and that is why the Clay County Parks System doesn't honor the Golden Access Pass at the Parks on Smithville lake.

Then we saw this neat old church, but we decided Liberty, a college town, must have excluded God, and churches for some reason. (or at least the people owning this building)

I don't think they have the traditional Sunday Morning services here.

I think I would have a problem using an old church like this as a motel and spa.

And I know I couldn't bring myself to pay to spend a night in an old church, and who would go there to to get their toe nails done???

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