Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No post on Monday????

If you have been following my blog you noticed that there was no post yesterday, 06-08-09. That is because I didn't post yesterday. No I didn't forget, I just was too sorry to do it yesterday.

I spent much of the day trying to find parts for the rig, and it is disgusting to hear all the "facts" you get when asking about parts at R V dealers. Everyone of them have the same book they go by, (with their name on the cover), and anyone can order the parts from that book. It is cheaper to order the parts off the internet.

The same Sh** was happening at Escapade, all the vendors were using that same book to price their stuff. I'm not into paying top dollar for everything I buy. If someone wants my money they need to give me better deal than what the "book" says.

Enough of the ranting and raving, I did visit with my cousin at his used car lot in Maryville TN yesterday. I may even go to the "dealer only" auto auction Friday with him.

Last night I spent a quiet evening with Marcia, I had had enough of the computer after searching for parts.

Today I drove over to Middlesboro to help our son Corey mow the family cemetery. After going through 3 weed-eaters we wound up going to Wal-Mart to buy a new one. Later I heard the 10% ethanol gas is hard on weed-eaters.

I visited with dad and Scott, and Scott's good friend Jody stopped by to say hi. I also took pictures of Cindi's bike so Scott can put it on Craigs list this week. He really needs to sell both of those bikes before we leave town.

It wound up being a 130 mile round trip to Middlesboro and back. I took I-75 to 63, to 25 to get there, and 25 to 33 to 170 to get back. It was a pleasant drive all the way around.

Tomorrow Corey is bringing all 4 grand babies over, (I hope they all come).

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