Friday, June 5, 2009

Raccoon Valley SKP Park

Today we said our good-byes to our family in Middlesboro, although we are just about 60 miles away at Raccoon Valley. We were going to see our doctor before we left but we were surprised when we found out his office isn't open on Fridays. Our doctor is a great guy, he told us 2 years ago when we told him we were going full time, to just stop by his office anytime we are in town and he will see us.

We packed up the rig and left the Cumberland Gap National Park and drove the 60 + or - miles to Heiskell TN. Jim was in the office and offered us a choice of sites so we looked and picked out one at the end of the park where there will be the least amount of traffic.(I hope)

Here is the entrance to the park.

This is our site.

Jenelle came over when we got here and we tried "The Golden Girls" restaurant for dinner, Marcia had the catfish, Jenelle had the beef tips, and I had the roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes. I wasn't impressed, but Marcia and Jenelle said it was OK.

Tomorrow will be the pancake breakfast here at the park, and then we will do the flea markets and maybe a yard sale or two.....

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