Monday, June 29, 2009

Marcia's REUNION

June 25th and 26th was the Middlesboro High School Class of 1979 Reunion, and Marcia and I was in attendance. Friday at 6PM the festivities started at Park in Middlesboro with a family picnic. I thought that was a great ideal, and a chance for all the attendees to get re-acquainted.

I think everyone had a good time, and everyone started leaving the park between 8 and 9 PM. Some were meeting at other places, Marcia and myself were headed back to the rig. We had already been up since 6 AM, took the rig to the shop, (so no nap) and had been going strong all day. I was ready for some rest and relaxation.

Back at the park there was an older class A parked behind us in a primitive site running their generator. They ran it ALL NIGHT LONG, and it was still running the next morning when they left the park. (I was sure glad they left)

Saturday the reunion was set for 7 PM at the Middlesboro Country Club, (which happens to be the oldest established golf course in the United States) but we had many things to do before the reunion. Like install the new Heat pump, attend a family gathering back in Heiskell TN, and Marcia had to get a new outfit for the reunion, so I was already beat by the time we got to the reunion.

At the CC they started off with a memorial to the class members that have passed on to the after life. Renee did a great job of writing a poem and reading it to us. Bobby then instructed us to some of the happenings, then Someone ask the blessing over the food, and then it was time for the class pictures.

After the class pictures it was time to dig into all the food that had been prepared. There was meatballs, shrimp, chips and dips, watermelon, chicken, rolls, sausages,and so many other things I can't remember all the items. (remember I have C R S) There was also 4-5 things to dip into the chocolate that was flowing over a couple fountains they had over the bowls.

After everyone filled their bellies it was time to dance the night away. Marcia and our old neighbor Debbie did more dancing than anyone else, although there were a few that was on the dance floor almost as much as Marcia and Debbie. Myself: I did manage to get in ONE dance with Marcia. My main duty was to keep the Margarator going.

Although we share margaritas with anyone that wants one when we have the Margarator going, it had to be in the kitchen so most of the guests didn't get to sample the famous juice flowing from the Margarator.

Back to the reunion, the DJ played all kinds of music, (some he could have left home) and he could have turned the volume down a few notches, but over all he did a fair job keeping people on the dance floor.

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