Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something wrong with this picture

Today was a beautiful day in East Tennessee, the sun was shining, the temperature was almost perfect, just enough clouds to keep it cool enough. We started it out with a drive through the country winding up at Jenelle's apartment.

Jenelle joined us when we drove back to the park. Marcia made us a bologna sandwich, mine had cheese, tomato, onion, and bologna. Man it was a good sandwich! After we ate it was time for me to start cleaning the roof of the rig.

I gathered up all the necessities, and climbed up on the roof. I just can't understand how a roof can get so dirty in such a short time. The little pressure washer I bought in Tulsa came in handy again today. It has just enough pressure to clean the roof but not enough to cause any damage to it.

Now the problem with the picture was I was up on the roof scrubbing away, while Marcia and Jenelle lay in the sun catching all the rays. I did get some satisfaction by spraying them with water every few minuets. They both wound up a little red, maybe Jenelle was a lot red by the time she left this evening.

Now with the roof and front of the rig clean I will start on the back and sides next week. Tomorrow I need to locate some parts for the rig. The front A C unit started acting up in Sedalia, and the microwave has a mind of its own, and I need to locate the shocks.

I have talked to several on the Escapee's forums about shocks and the majority say to bite the bullet and buy Koni Shocks. They are not cheap, $159 each is the cheapest I have found them so far on the net, and I doubt I will beat that price, but it won't hurt to look while I'm looking for the other things.

Life in an RV has its draw-backs just like living in a house, fix this and that.

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