Monday, June 1, 2009

A day in the old home town

Today was interesting riding around town looking at the things that were there when we left, the things that have disappeared,and the the things that are here now that wasn't here when we left.

Changes are made almost everyday in almost every small town, we don't notice them as much when we watch them happening, but leave for several months and you can really tell what changes are going on.

We see vacant lots where houses once provided shelter to families, new stores where old dilapidated stores used to be, and then there are the parts that will never change. Like the 1972 corvette that sat on the corner at Bingham 4 way stop. When we moved here in 1974 it sat in the same spot until last year when it was replaced with a Cadillac.

I stopped to talk to the lady that lived where the vet sat for so long once, she explained that it was her son's car and he had given it to his son, and he came around a couple times a year to clean it up. My thoughts were the guy got killed in Vietnam, or was in prison, but I will never know.

Dad is doing OK, Scott is moving around after his third major motorcycle crash, but the meds he is taking is keeping him in LA LA land. I hope he gets them worked out to where they control the pain but leaves him functioning.

Corey took Marcia to the lake today to ride the wave runners, and I ran errands all day. I did manage to get a short nap in while everyone was at the lake, I got it set up to put the rig in the shop tomorrow for new shocks, and repairs on the parking brake. It will be nice to have the parking brake stop the rig for once.

The weather in really nice here, although a little on the warm side to be boondocking with out the AC going. They cut the trees here on the city parking lot so my shade is gone and the sun warms things up really well. We will move over to the Cumberland Gap National Park tomorrow after the rig gets out of the shop.

We plan on riding on over to Raccoon Valley sometime this weekend. Marcia starts hosting Tuesday so our site will be free starting Friday.....

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