Friday, June 19, 2009

Where are the Pictures?

Well you won't find any pictures today, sorry, but I will tell you about my day.

It started off early this AM, I was headed to an auto auction by 8:30 am. Our daughter was in desperate need of transportation. She has been driving a 98 Saturn SC1, the air didn't work, the headliner was falling out, and the transmition was acting up (only when she drove it).

So today I met my cousin that owns a used car lot at a dealers auction near Knoxville. We looked over several cars I thought she might be interested in, and wouldn't be a shamed to drive. Remember she is 22! After passing on the B M W 238I I gave the go ahead for my cousin to try to buy her a one owner Malibu.

The bidding stopped just short of my "all I'll go" so she is now the proud owner of a 2001 Malibu.

Later back at the park I helped Phil seal some cracks in the caulking around a couple of their vents. Marcia and I washed Jenelle's Saturn while she took the Malibu to get some freon. Now the Saturn has cold air, a fresh wash job, and tomorrow it will get a god cleaning inside before she lists it on Craigs List.

As much as I am enjoying being close to family, I'm ready to hit the road so I quit spending so much money.....

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