Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 years and 8 days ago

Today it has been 2 years and 8 days since we left Middlesboro chasing the 70s. It really has been a lot of fun and we have meet some of the nicest people. Many of them just happened to go FT the same year as we did.

Last night I got a call from one of the first couples we met while on the road. Phil and Linda Roberts, they haven't given up their sticks and bricks but are enjoying their MH. They will be joining us here at Raccoon Valley tomorrow.

We met them near Cody WY in Sept of 2007, we played leap frog following each other to Cody until their MH broke down on them. Linda wouldn't let their dogs ride in the MH while it was being pulled because the driver of the tow truck said it wasn't safe for her to ride in it while it was being towed.

Imagine what was going through Phil's mind when we took Linda and the three dogs and didn't meet them in Cody.( we had met them a few hours earlier at an information center just off the interstate) The tow truck driver gave me bad directions to his shop so we were waiting on them on another street. We didn't let him worry too long before we drove around to find them.

We visited them at their home in Ohio last summer, and they came to Sumter Oaks to visit us back in the winter. Then they returned to Ohio for the sn** and CO**. Dirty four letter words.

I did manage to mount the Wilson Truckers Antenna today, now I'm waiting on the adapter for the Wilson to the UM 175 air card I picked up the other day. The um150 was working good, but I was due an up-grade so I thought I would just buy the adapter for the the new air card, so I up-graded.

After two years and 8 days we are still getting rid of "STUFF", I listed some of my motorcycle stuff on and had to meet a guy in Middlesboro to collect some $$ and give him the stuff. And since we were already in Middlesboro we got to visit family, eat with our grand daughter and her daddy, and then we had to make another donation to the bingo hall.

Every time we go there I swear it is my last time going. But I LOVE my wife so I keep going back........

We hav

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  1. 2 year and 6 days for us. June 11,2007. Enjoy! Enjoy!

    Tom & Paula


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