Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A day in the SHOP

This morning we took the rig into the shop for maintenance, new shocks, parking brake fixed, and new belts. The mechanic is a good friend and has done us right in the past. Well today when I picked it up I ask "how much do I owe you" and got a shocking answer.

0- ZERO, as in nothing is what he told me. Now don't get too excited, because he couldn't get the shoes for the parking brake, and his parts supplier brought out 5 sets of shocks, and none of them fit. He finally pulled one of my shocks off and sent it with the supplier to try and match it up. No luck, so the rig came out just like it went in.

We had talked about doing the belts another day, he said he wanted to do the belts the first thing one morning so he would be clean when he started. I thought that was very thoughtful of him, he didn't want to be going inside the rig dirty.

After leaving the shop I drove the rig over to the Cumberland Gap National Park where we will spend a couple days. The 90+ degrees Yahooo weather predicts is too warm to be boondocking when there is a nice park just 5 miles away and is only $8.50 a night for 50 amp.

Tomorrow I will "try" to get some pictures on here....

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