Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting back on tack

OK OK I'm going to get this back on track, no posts for a couple days and then several posts in one day isn't cutting it.

TODAY Monday June 29th 2009, we are back in Raccoon Valley RV Park to complete this stage of our commitment with the Escapees RV Club. We are scheduled to be here until the end of July, and the managers has Marcia helping close the monthly books so her last day will be July 31st, unless things change, and we do write all our plans in sand. (jello is too runny)

Marcia left me sleeping in bed this AM when she walked to the office. After the wild weekend I was ready to sleep in. I did manage to get up around 8:30 and ate my breakfast bar. (yea) After breakfast I got the little pressure washer out because someone wanted to borrow it to wash their rig. This washer is nice for that because it is strong enough to clean, but not so strong you have to worry about cutting into anything.

On the schedule for today was to put my brothers motorcycle on Craigslist, update this blog, check on some parts for the bike, enjoy lunch with Marcia, help out with the laundry, put out the awning, and enjoy the beautiful weather we have today. I cleared my schedule with the exception of going to the Kawasaki Dealer to get the bike parts, only because they are closed on Mondays, and I knew that so I should have looked at my watch to see what day it was. The only reason I ware a watch is to know what day of the week it is.

I used the pressure washer after it was returned to clean the M/C, and then waited for Marcia to close the office so we could ride to "Ambers" for supper. After all it is my day to cook. We both had the breakfast special, 2 eggs, bacon, toast, grits, and jelly.
Once we got back to the rig it was time for a game of hoof and mouth, or Skip-Bo style hand and foot. Marcia was kicking my butt until near the end. I caught her good, before she had a chance to spread, I went down, into my foot, and OUT all in one turn. I was impressed, Marcia was crying because she had the 75 points to go down.
The hand turned the game around and instead of being behind 300 points I was winning by 300 points. But one hand wasn't enough, Marcia came back and won by 30 points. Sorry guys, but it is all in my plan to acheive another goal.

Now we are sitting in the rig blogging and watching TV. Tomorrow will be another day, and I will take Marcia with me to the Kawasaki Dealer so she won't be surprised if I ride off with more than the parts for Scott's bike.....

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