Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainy Thursday in Kentucky

This morning the rain was falling, and predicted to fall all day, so our plans to mow the cemetery was put on hold. Corey and myself will try one day next week to spruce up the Family Cemetery.

I went to dad's to repair the mower I tore up the other day. I don't know who lost the crowbar in the yard, but the mower found it. I got lucky and all it did was knock the blade loose, so all I had to do was take it off to check it, and then put it back on.

Later we visited some friends and relatives. That is always enjoyable as long as they don't want us to stay too long. Marcia and I drove over to Noris Lake to look around for a place where we could take the rig if we decided to spend a few days at the lake.
It is T V A , (Tennessee Valley Authority) around most of the lake and boondocking is permitted if you can find a spot.

We then stopped by a few of the campgrounds near the lake to get an ideal of their prices, and to drop off some of the Gypsy Journal News Papers Nick gave us to pass out. $35 a night and $135 a month, but I wouldn't recommend the place to anyone unless they were just going to fish.

Supper time took us to Corey and Jenifer's where Marcia and myself fixed hot dogs. Corey had picked up two of the three grand sons, and Jenelle drove over from Knoxville to spend the evening with us.

We did the cooking and eating under the carport because the rain kept coming off and on.

Our middle grandson is playing with a remote control car.

I caught the oldest grandson eating.

Our daughter Jenelle is not camera shy at all, she loves to pose for the camera.

You really have to be sneaky to catch a shot of Jenifer, and it is easier if Jaelynn is with her.

Our son Corey has no problems getting his picture plaster all over the WWW. and he enjoys showing off our grand daughter.

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