Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day June 21st 2009

Today being Fathers Day and us being close enough to visit a trip to see my dad was a must. We drove over to Middlesboro stopping at the flea market in Tazewell Tn. We found cantaloupes for $1 each so I bought 4.

Once we got to dads we found him napping in his chair, which is really normal. Dad is 72, he has survived several heart attacks, he has Parkinson disease, arthritis, and a few other things not in his favor, but he is still going strong.

Dad grew up the youngest of 9, and like many of our dads he walked 5 miles to school, (when he went) in the snow, and only got one pair of shoes a year. at least that is the story I got growing up.

Dads arthritis doctor told him last year there was nothing else he could do for him. He told him when he started seeing him 10 years ago he thought dad had about three years to live and he wanted to keep dad from drawing up like a lot of people do with arthritis.

Dad couldn't get out of a chair several years ago, he stayed in his chair except to go to the bathroom. This doctor started him on some treatment he gets through an IV an within three weeks dad was outside playing basketball.

My dad is the best, (but I guess many people say that), he is my hero.

Back to today .... Marcia turned the stove on and got the fixings out after saying hi to dad. It was almost 1 PM and the kids were told 1 PM was when the biscuits and gravy would be ready. I washed up and started sifting the flower, greased the pan, and started mixing the Crisco,flower and butter milk. Soon I had the first pan of biscuits ready to go into the oven.

I started on the second pan while Marcia was frying the eggs, and sausage, and getting things ready to make the gravy.

Out of the over came these...

Everyone ate all they wanted, I could have eaten a lot more than I did but yesterday I started on my "reduction" diet. I figure a little less each meal will prevent me from getting on one of those diets Marcia had us on for the first three months this year.

I did get one picture of Jenelle with dad before we took off.

We left to go make another donation to the bingo hall only to return later when Corey and Jenifer was there with Jaelynn, Joshua, and Justin. Scott's kids all showed up too. We had a great time visiting.

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