Saturday, June 13, 2009

A day on the Lake

Friday we spent the day in Middlesboro running errands, visiting family, and making a donation to the bingo hall. (we didn't win anything). On the way back to the rig we stopped off at our sons house and traded the Tracker for his Tacoma with the two waverunners already hitched up.

Today it was breakfast at the clubhouse, biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, and juice. The managers here do a fine job, we spent a couple months with them in FL and they did really good there too. If I had a CG I would have no problem letting them run it.

After breakfast it was off to the lake.

This is near the Big Ridge State Park, the lake is controlled by the Tennessee Valley Authority, and have several free boat launches, and well as many private boat docks and marinas. This is one of the free areas.

Here we are ready to launch the waverunners.

Marcia and I road the waverunners around a while waiting on our daughter Jenelle to show up. Since we had Corey's Tacoma we decided that Jenelle should meet us at the lake. Once she arrived the three of us took off to the main part of the lake to an island. We used to camp on the island for a week at a time. The boys always had a good time there, and you know Marcia and I did too.

Here is Nellie taking off, leaving me on the island while "the girls" played around on the back breakers, I mean waverunners.

Marcia had to stop playing long enough for me to get this shot.

I took a few pictures while the girls played. I also spent some time remembering all the great times we had on this island, and on this lake. I have always been told the lake has over 1000 miles of shoreline. We used to come to it all the time, my grandpa had a house really close to it back in my high school days and I spent a lot of the summers there.

I also remembered doing what these guys are doing. I have caught many fish out of this lake.

The girls went back to the truck to fetch our lunch. Marcia dropped the lunch off, but Nellie didn't show so Marcia went back to look for her. I ate lunch while I waited.

I watched for them as I ate and I didn't like what I saw when I did see them. Marcia n her waverunner was pulling Jenelle on the other one.

see the rope connecting the two waverunners?

Once they got to the bank we discovered Jenelle's waverunner was full of water. It has a safety switch that shuts down the motor when things aren't right, and it being full of water wasn't right. We dipped out most of the water and discovered a hole in the bottom. The girls took the good waverunner back to the truck with all the stuff, while I waited.

They had to have the trailer backed into the water so I could get the sinking waverunner on the trailer before it shut off again. The island is about 1 mile from the truck so I would have to limp back trying to keep it from filling up with water.

Marcia was backing the trailer in as I pulled the sinking waverunner onto it. The day at the lake ended with a sinking waverunner, but it was all good. I don't think my back or knees could have handled much more of the back breakers,(I mean waverunners).

Back at the CG I had to take a nap to try to rest from the back breakers, Marcia took the Tacoma and waverunners home, and Jenelle had a party to go to.

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