Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tomorrow will be a moving day.

YEA, today is our last day at Raccoon Valley for this week. Marcia finished her 20 today, and tomorrow afternoon we will be moving the rig back to Middlesboro. I'm excited about getting to move the rig, even if it is only 60 miles back to Middlesboro.

Today I piddled around the rig getting things ready to roll, sitting in one spot makes you get lazy about some things and I did a lot of catching up today. We now have new wood in our bay for putting under the jacks, (if we need them) the oil has been checked, and now all we need to do is the regular stuff we do when ever we move.

Jenelle informed me tonight that we couldn't leave until she gets with us tomorrow, something about the rest of my fathers day present, so I guess we will be hanging around until 3 or 4. Really there is no hurry to get over there, we don't put it in the shop until Friday AM.

So with us leaving so late tomorrow I may not get around to making a post tomorrow, and Friday and Saturday is Marcia's reunion so we may be pretty busy until we get back to Raccoon Valley on Sunday. So until the next time, take care, be safe and HAVE FUN.....

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