Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Miracle

As I said yesterday Corey and Jenifer had the day planned out for us. We met them in Pigeon Forge after Marcia completed her 4 hours today. We met at the Miracle Theater on the Parkway. Corey and Jenifer had dad and two of the grand sons.

Jenifer had already obtained the tickets, so we hung around until time for the show to start. We saw this strange building.

Study the picture and see if you see anything strange about the building.

Once we got inside the building we all took our seats and waited. They had their usual advertisements and then the show started. Angels flying over our heads to the stage. The show told the story of Jesus from before his birth until after the resurrection.

The costumes were terrific, the actors and actresses were great, and the story was unbelievable, (unless the spirit leads you). I won't go into the details, if you believe it is pretty good, if your an unbeliever you should see it with an open mind.

We all had a good time and enjoyed the presentation. I got a few pictures of some of the cast, you decide how well they looked.

The only problem I had with it was the cost. I think spreading the gospel shouldn't be something you charge for. But I wander if they could pay the bills on donations?

Earlier this week, or later last week I told about a guy that made his own R C Plane and I finally downloaded the pictures and want to share them with you all. So here they are.
The little blue dot is the plane way out there.

Here is the plane.

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