Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday at the GAP

It is really nice to wake up and realize it is after 9 AM already. With all the trees surrounding us the sunshine is a couple hours late, so it was still a little dark in the rig when I did get up.

We left the park to go visiting family and friends and as we drove into Middlesboro our son Corey calls and asks if we want to watch the grand baby while he mows. Naturally Marcia said yes, so she dropped me off at dads and drove over to Cumberland Gap TN to pick up Jaelynn.

I mowed dads yard, (and I thought I was done mowing) because he isn't able and my brother is recovering from the motorcycle crash. After the grass cutting party, (I was the only one partying at dads) we went back to the rig to wait on our son. Marcia was having a great time with Jaelynn.

Corey finished his mowing and came over to the rig and found me and Jaelynn napping. He and Marcia spent some time reminiscing before we awoke from our nap. And then it was off to eat at out favorite Mexican joint.

After eating we went visiting...

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