Friday, June 26, 2009


Why do we spend hours typing out our day? Why do we spend the time posting all the pictures?

For me I started out "blogging" for two reasons,
1) was to keep all our friends and family informed. Things like where we are, what we are doing, and so they could see the things we are seeing. I really wish I would have started one two and 1/2 years ago when we first thought about selling our house and buying a rig to live in.
2) is to keep a record of where we have been, ( my C R S is getting worse ) and the things we do.

By reading my blog everyone can get an ideal of what I think about an area, like I;m sure everyone knows Livingston TX doesn't rank to high on my must see or visit list. (with the exception of visiting the Escapees headquarters) (and that should be done in the fall, just before going to your winter spot)

Now after having a blog for a couple months I find myself wanting to keep it up. And it does give me something to do at 3:30 AM when I can't sleep.

We made it to Middlesboro today, Corey, Jenifer, Jaelynn, Justin, Joshua, Jonathan David (JD), and Jenelle came by this afternoon. Marcia had ask me this AM if I wanted pancakes for breakfast, and I ask her if she would fix them around 1:30 PM. (That is when the kids were going to be there) and Marcia being the loving wife and friend that she is said yes.

So around 1:30 (ish for some people) Jenelle drove up and she and I enjoyed fresh pancakes while we waited for Corey and his truck load. When the rest arrived we had already eaten and that made room in the rig for them all to eat. Corey LOVES pancakes!

They were all on their way to see the new transformers movie at the I-Max (?). when they left Marcia and I hung around waiting for it to cool off some before we hit the road. With the gen set acting up and the front AC out I was wanting to avoid most of the heat without being plugged in.

Once we got to Middlesboro we went to visit dad and Scott. We found they had delivered the new AC unit at dads, and the "STUPID DRIVER" left the AC unit right in the middle of the driveway. Why he didn't put it off to one side I'll find out tomorrow when I call to complain. (someone will get an ear full)

Yesterday I had told everyone not to expect a posting for today, or maybe all weekend, but I guess I am just too committed, LOL (maybe I should be committed!)

In a few hours the rig goes in the shop, and hopefully this afternoon it will come out with new shocks, new belts, and a clean bill of health so we will be ready to roll on across the USA. (as soon as my doctors appointments are finished)....

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