Thursday, June 11, 2009

One week in the Books

Marcia completed her first week at Raccoon Valley today. Her schedule was Monday 8 hours, Tuesday 4 Hours, and Wednesday 8 hours, but one of the other workers had an emergency and the schedule changed a bit, so Marcia was off yesterday and worked today.

We had another thunderstorm pass through just after 1PM today, the wind blew pretty good, and it rained a lot in a short time. Typical weather for this area this time of year. Other than the afternoon thundershowers the weather has been really nice.

When Marcia completed her shift we hopped in the tracker and drove to a new restaurant right down the road. Marcia got the BBQ sandwich special, and I had the breakfast special. $2.95 for two eggs, sausage or bacon, grits or gravy, and toast or a biscuit. Not bad, but they get you on drinks, $1.50 for tea, coffee, coke (a can), and $1.75 for a glass of milk. Still not too bad a complete breakfast for $4.45, and Marcia's special was $4.99.

Back at Raccoon Valley RV Park we walked around the park, that took a whole 10 minuets. I haven't found a good place to fly my plane close by so tonight I took advantage of 0 wind and flew it here in the park. Our little corner of the park has a small popular tree, and there are a few other trees in the park but I figured I could fly it around them and over the RVs.

I was right, I flew it for about 10 minuets over the rigs. I did fly it a bit higher than I normally do because of the trees and RVs, but it was still enjoyable. Tomorrow we will make a trip to Middlesboro, Marcia wants to get her bingo fix, and I want to borrow Corey's truck and waverunners. Saturday we have a trip to the lake planned.

There is a real good chance that there will be no post tomorrow, but I will try to get plenty pictures Saturday....

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