Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today was very hot and humid here in Heiskell TN. Them temperature was in the low 90's but the humidity was was in the 80's, not a good mix. So with the heat we didn't do much or stray far from the rig.

Phil and Linda left the park headed back to Lancaster Ohio where they live. Phil has a golf league he plays in and it will be starting soon. They did manage to make a fast trip to ND stopping by to see the big mall in WI or MN where ever it is. It was sad seeing them leave, but I know our paths will cross again.

Jenelle came over and cleaned out the Saturn, so maybe it will get sold on Graigs List pretty quick. She did have one guy e-mail her a low ball offer, but I told her she would be loosing too much $$, I hope I didn't mess up telling her that.

The 50 amp side of the park is almost full, I guess most people want to use that second AC unit in this heat. The 30 amp side has quite a few open sites, even though they are a bit smaller over there, and that may be the reason everyone wants this side of the park.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day so we will be making a trip to Middlesboro. Dad will get one of his favorite meals tomorrow, biscuits and gravy. I'll be making the biscuits, and Marcia will make the gravy, and we will all eat way too much.....

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