Monday, June 15, 2009

Another job finished

Monday has always been a dreaded day, and today was no exception. This morning Marcia went to put in the first 8 hours of her 20 hours this week. I however had to start on my list of things to do.

Installing the new backup camera was the task for today. Our in the rig had been giving us some problems with the screen flickering off and on, and sometimes it would take a bang on the dash to get it going again. We had the same problem last year and I was able to put a band aid on it, now that it was doing it again I tried the band aid again and it just working.

I bought one on E-Bay with a 7" monitor, color, and capable of handling 3 cameras. So today I installed it. Chasing the wire down the back of the rig was bad enough, I had to pull the tail light, and one of the markers to get the wire down to the back of the rig. Then it was crawling under the rig running the wire all the way from the back to the front. I wandered all day why I didn't do this while we were parked on blacktop.

All day it took me: but after I was finished we had a game of hand and foot skip-bo style. Tomorrow I get to install the Wilson Truckers Antenna.....

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