Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grand Kids in the POOL

Today our son brought the four, that's right 4, grand babies over to play in the pool and spend the day with us. They arrived around noon, and it was straight to the pool.

they all had a good time playing in the pool.

There was some splashing going on too.

I cooked some hot dogs and just as they got finished Jenelle came by. She had an appointment with the Realtor she has been dealing with on the new house she is having built, and wanted me to go along.

We drove over and he took us to see the lot where her house will be built. The house next door is almost finished and hers will be almost the same. Jenelle will pick out the cabinets, floors, and all the decor stuff.

That is Jenelle with the Realtor and the builder on the porch of the house next door. We walked through it and look things over. I am VERY PROUD of our little girl for being a very responsible person.

I would never buy another two story house, but then I'm not going to be 22 in a couple weeks either.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmm....Joe's 22 Year Old daughter is building/buying a new house !!!! Maybe we should check those lottery ticket numbers ONE MORE TIME !!?!? LOL Congrat's Jenelle you make your Daddy proud !!! 22 wow....I was still avoiding the REAL world at that age!!!


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