Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sedalia Mud is Gone

Jenelle met us for a pancake breakfast here at the park to start off our day. After filling our tummies we were off to the Green Acres Flea Market. Marcia found a rare cooking thingy, a westbend slow cooker plus, apparently they quit making them a few years ago and Marcia had seen Molly's and wanted one.

The flea market was not very busy today, I guess Sunday is the big day there so we may have to go back tomorrow. We did find a few treasures at some of the yard sales. My best find was some tubes of sunblock, Corey and Jenifer has to put a lot of sunblock on Jaelynn because of her fair skin, so this will be a plus for them.

We got back to the rig around 12:30 and I was beat, and I think Jenelle was missing out on her weekend sleep. Jenelle left to go do her weekend chores and I took my afternoon nap.

After my nap the tracker got a wash job, and all the mud we picked up on the tracker at the Escapade is history. I took the pressure washer to it, and it got all the mud that was caked up in the fender wells.

What will we do tomorrow????

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