Sunday, June 14, 2009

Green acres isn't the place it was

Sunday morning things we good, after breakfast we were undecided as to what to do. Sitting at home being lazy was the first choice, going the the flea market was second. We chose the latter just to see how much better it was on Sunday than it was last Saturday.

Sunday is a lot better for Green Acres Flea Market, but still the flea market was nothing like it was years ago when we would come to TN to the flea market. About half the dealers were Latinos, and there were a lot of empty booths. I don't know if the Latinos drove everyone away or if the weather has them staying home.

after the flea market we stopped at "The Amber restaurant" to take advantage of their $2.95 breakfast special. Their 2 eggs (cooked the way you want) sausage, (or bacon) gravy, (or grits) and toast, (or biscuit), sure beat the South Beach breakfast bar I had earlier.

Jenelle came over to visit later on, we played a game of Skip-Bo hand and foot, (or hoof and mouth). Jenelle was the skip-bo queen today, she beat us pretty bad. I told her she should thank me for her early birthday present.

Now it will be a relaxing evening with my special woman. See you all tomorrow....

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  1. Joe,
    Good to meet you today. Nice blog. Hope to see you and Marcia down the road again...

    Randy and Pam


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