Sunday, May 17, 2009

Absolutly a Goegeous Day

Today was a Gorgeous day here in Burlington. It was a little on the cool side when we crawled out of bed this AM, but there was NO WIND, and plenty of SUNSHINE. I put on an extra sweatshirt and took the little plane out for a fly. I didn't have one crash so I guess I getting better, but then without the wind blowing it around it was easy to control.

By 9AM there was a breeze and that ruled out flying, so I re-wired the plugs for the lights on the tracker. I had broken a wire when we left Keystone and replaced that plug, but when I hooked it up to the old plug one of the wires came out of the old plug. Now I have a new plug on both sides because I bought one of the ones that mount to the car so there is no chance of breaking the wires.

Later I watched Jay wash his rig while the girls did some laundry. Then when all the nasty stuff was finished we all enjoyed a steak with all the trimmings. Life is so good....

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